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Dr Barbara Sturm Behind the Counter

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The Violet Files

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Violet TV

Behind the Counter:


Sarah Brown and Cassandra Grey sit down with Dr. Barbara Sturm to talk about her line of skin and hair care, plus customer questions asked and answered with the help of her daughter, Charly.

In this episode of VIOLET TV, Sarah Brown sits down with Dr. Barbara Sturm to talk about why it is essential to protect your body’s multiple microbiomes and how her products work to support the optimal health and balance of your skin, scalp, gut, and vagina, establishing why Sarah herself has dubbed this collection “a new era in skin care”. Then, Dr. Sturm [re]prescribes Cassandra Grey a 6-step skin care routine for her dry skin and anti-aging concerns, but this time BEHIND THE COUNTER and on camera so you can recreate our founder’s routine at home. Finally, with the help of her uber-charismatic daughter, Charly, she answers some of our customers’ most pressing questions.