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Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Contour Stylus

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The perfect contour is as easy as waving these magic wands.

Written by:
Lena Raff


For Victoria Beckham, details are key. The style icon and designer, renowned for her minimalism, knows it is precision that turns something deceptively simple from mundane to magical, and the same goes for makeup. Enter her latest creation: a slim, buildable, easily-controlled retractable bullet in perfect neutral shades that expertly carve and define—the Contour Stylus. So refined, so user-friendly, so understated, and oh so irresistible to VIOLET GREY’s curators, who had to have it the very moment they saw it.


Historically, contouring has been intimidating. The shade, texture, placement, and undertone of the product have to be exactly right to create the intended natural-looking shadow. With these deft bullets, however, carving out cheekbones and sharpening jawlines were as effortless as waving a magic wand. Even those of us who were less-than-confident in their contouring skills had complete control over the slim sticks of ultra-smooth, blendable pigment in four complexion-flattering shades. Without hesitation, we sent them to the Committee of Industry Experts for approval.

“These sleek and chic metal styli are the roadsters/sports cars of contour sticks. The multiple shades blend beautifully to subtly sculpt and emphasize the planes of the face, and these gorgeous neutrals also multitask as cream eye shadows.”
—TROY SURRATT, Makeup Artist

“These slim contour sticks are perfect for adding dimension exactly where you want it, and the shade range is great for all skin tones.”
—BEAU NELSON, Makeup Artist

“This sheer, slim stick makes contouring super easy and quick, plus it's convenient for travel. I draw it under my cheekbones, under my jawline, across my forehead hairline, and in the upper crease of my eyelids. Then I blend with a brush or fingers for a daytime-friendly version of defined bone structure. Absolutely love it!”
—ROBIN BLACK, Makeup Artist & Photographer


It was a love connection between our discerning makeup artists and these svelte styli. Now a fixture on vanities and in kits nationwide, Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Contour Stylus is VIOLET CODE APPROVED and exclusively available on THE SHELVES