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Victoria Beckham Beauty Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil

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Bigger, brighter, more defined eyes brought to you by Victoria Beckham.

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VIOLET GREY is The Industry’s Beauty Edit. This means that we discerningly and painstakingly select the products we add to THE SHELVES based on what is actually being used on sets, runways, and red carpets by top makeup artists and other sought-after beauty professionals. 

Not only do we have eyes and ears everywhere in the form of our Committee of Industry Experts, we also happen to have the distinct pleasure and privilege of a direct line to the ultimate (and chicest) of multi-hyphenates, Victoria Beckham.

After years in the spotlight, the “posh” pop star, designer, entrepreneur, and brand founder is intimately familiar with the makeup chair, and the tricks and techniques held close to the vest by some of the world’s most talented and prolific artists. So, when the woman herself noted, “I distinctly remember the first time a makeup artist used a nude pencil along my waterline. I looked instantly polished and like I’d had eight hours of sleep,” our interest was more than piqued. “I’ve been searching for the perfect clean waterline pencil ever since. Now, I’ve created it with the Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil,” Beckham told VIOLET STAFFERS.


There is an unspoken rule at VIOLET HQ: any suggestion, tip, or trick coming from Victoria Beckham must be taken seriously. So, when these eyeliners arrived, STAFFERS applied our usual looks using our tried-and-true staples and techniques. At the very end of the application (when we would normally have considered the makeup complete) we applied the soft, beige pencil to our waterlines (the delicate bit of skin between the eye and the lower lashes) and watched in awe as our eyes appeared to be bigger, brighter, and more defined. 

STAFFERS were already sold, but when we learned it not only looked incredible, but had ingredients to reduce redness and support lash growth, we didn’t waste another second and immediately sent it to the Committee of Industry Experts for their seal of approval.

“This is one of the few waterline brightening pencils I really like. It’s not chalky and doesn’t leave residue on the lashes. I love it for neutralizing any redness in the waterline.”
—HANNAH BIDDLE, Makeup artist

“A swipe of this perfectly-neutral, brightening waterline pencil is the visual equivalent of a full night's sleep. I will be relying on this for long flights and late nights.”
—ROBIN BLACK, Makeup Artist & Photographer

“This long-wearing eye pencil brightens your eyes and makes them look bigger. I love the neutral shade that doesn’t look too intense against the skin or whites of the eyes.”
—MAI QUYNH, Makeup Artist


It came as no surprise that Committee Members were just as smitten with this eye pencil as we were, but after receiving glowing reviews from a wide variety of Experts with different complexions, eye colors and shapes, it was clear that this liner was a must-have. With that, Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and has earned an exclusive place on THE SHELVES.

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