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U Beauty The Super Body Hydrator

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A smart hydrator that delivers moisture exactly where your body needs for skin that glows, sans greasiness.

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Since the launch of U BEAUTY’s The SUPER Hydrator in 2020, devotees of the thirst-quenching, deeply-hydrating, free radical-fighting moisturizer have been clamoring for the brand to create an equivalent for the body. So, when VIOLET STAFFERS heard that The SUPER Body Hydrator, infused with the same anti-aging, double patent-pending SIREN Capsule technology that sends hydration and active ingredients (including five sizes of hyaluronic acid for multi-level moisture) where skin needs them most, was now a reality ready for testing, we requested that the brand send samples ASAP and then popped a metaphorical bottle of champagne.


When the package arrived, we wasted no time in applying the rich-yet-lightweight cream everywhere from the neck down. In no time flat, STAFFERS’ skin became supple and smooth and crepiness and texture disappeared. After about a week, testers found that their skin felt firmer and more resilient, and they had barely made a dent in the bottle (a little goes a very long way). Clearly, this was one for the Committee of Industry Experts, so we quickly sent it off to get their esteemed seal of approval.

“I love how hydrating this is without being greasy at all. It leaves the skin looking glowy and feeling firmer. It’s a must-have for anyone who is experiencing dry skin, but doesn’t like the heaviness of traditional dry skin treatments.”
—KIRIN BHATTY, Makeup Artist

“I love how creamy and hydrating this is when first applied, plus I saw firmer skin after just a week of daily application.”
—JANICE DAOUD, Makeup Artist

“This body cream was not irritating, absorbed quickly, and left a soft, hydrated finish on my skin.”
—SONIA BATRA, MD, Board-Certified Dermatologist


With testers sporting moisturized, glowing, summer-ready skin all over, U BEAUTY’s The SUPER Body Hydrator is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and has earned a place on THE SHELVES.

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