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Therabody Theraface Pro

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Pure genius. A skin care device that pairs percussive therapy with LED light therapy and so much more.

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Thank you, Therabody, for inventing the tool we never knew we needed. When Dr. Jason Wersland first launched Therabody, his percussive therapy technology was quickly snatched up by pro athletes and marathoners. While we admired the badassery of it all, we weren’t quite in either category. Then Dr. Jason and his team made a call to VIOLET LAB to share that their next frontier in wellness technology was facial health. That was when we realized that we, too, may have a place in the Thera-verse.


TheraFace PRO arrived at VIOLET LAB on a particularly breezy spring morning. The grass was green, the flowers were blooming, and our allergies were in overdrive. Could we use this massage tool to relieve our sinus pain? (We didn’t wait for an answer.) Almost immediately the rhythmic tapping eased the pressure that had plagued us for weeks. Upon realizing that the all-in-one beauty device includes attachments for microcurrent, LED, and cleansing, we began using it daily to tackle old acne scars and dark spots. We were certain that our Committee Members had to experience the technology and benefits themselves.

“What a great device and investment! The cleansing technology was effective yet gentle, the percussive technology helped my tight jaw, LED lights are always warranted, and the microcurrent definitely helped tighten and plump up my skin.“
—LAURA DYER, Physician’s Assistant and Cosmetic Injector

“Facial wellness at its best! This is an incredible tool for any skincare aficionado who wants to up their skin ritual game. I've incorporated this into my prep before makeup, and my clients love the added attention to their skin!”
—DANIEL MARTIN, Makeup Artist

“I already bought one for my friend! This is my new favorite beauty tool. I keep it by my bed. It's so easy to grab and use before bed. I love getting facials and facial massages, and this was the next best thing. I loved that it came with so many attachments. 100% would recommend.”
—AMANDA KASSER, Pilates Instructor


The Committee unanimously fell for the multi-beneficial device. As experts do, they brought attention to the clinical data, the instant results, and the sheer convenience of it all. TheraFace PRO is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and has earned a prominent place on THE SHELVES—and our vanities.  

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