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Therabody Theraface Mask

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The next-generation LED skin-transformer that earned the trust of our editors.

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The curators at VIOLET LAB scoured the earth (and the internet) for the best in new at-home LED technology. We looked at everything. We asked our Committee for their recs. We counted lights; we crafted side-by-side comparisons; we held lengthy discussions; we checked our facts. A clear winner emerged: Therabody’s TheraFace LED Mask.


The full-face mask has several things going for it. First, the number of lights: 648 to be exact—significantly more than others at a similar price-point. This means the wearer benefits from the three setting options—collagen-promoting, line-smoothing red light; acne-fighting blue light; and the plumping, deeply-penetrating, circulation-enhancing combination of red + infrared light—over the entire face, not just certain areas. It comes with a removable eyepiece, so one can watch TV, read, work, walk around, vacuum, etc. while wearing it, or just lay down and relax during the nine minutes it takes to complete all three treatments. Speaking of relaxing, the device also features vibrational massage around the eyes, browline, and scalp that can be used with or without light. Team VG was impressed, but we needed to hear from the discerning dermatologists on the Committee of Industry Experts for their stamp of approval. 

 “I love this. Extremely high-quality, sturdy, and comfortable design. Evidence shows red and infrared LED lights are anti-inflammatory and collagen-stimulating, while blue light reduces and prevents acne by destroying acne bacteria on the skin. I haven't seen the innovative vibration component before, which is comforting and relaxing.”
–DR. DAN BELKIN, Dermatologist

“I love this LED mask! Not only is it configured with maximum lights, but the micro-vibrations help increase cutaneous circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin while carrying away toxins. As an added bonus, I love that the head straps also have a vibrational component. It’s relaxing and enhances the sensorial experience!”
–DR. DENDY ENGELMAN, Dermatologist 

“What sets this apart is the thoughtful design and customizable settings, allowing users to target specific skin concerns. By harnessing the power of light therapy, this mask has the potential to enhance skin vitality and contribute to a more radiant complexion. It's a promising tool for those looking to elevate their skincare routine and address various dermatological concerns.”
–DR. MICHELLE HENRY, Dermatologist 



Therabody’s TheraFace Mask is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and joins the brand’s other routine-streamlining, cutting-edge devices on THE SHELVES.