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The Microcurrent Machine That Firms Sagging Skin

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Vanessa Hernandez, facialist to Hollywood’s A-list, is all about giving her body care routine a high-tech boost.

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I’m a big believer in skin care. It is, after all, how I make a living. But I’m also a proponent of adding smart, tech-driven devices to my routine—they can really help take results to the next level. As an esthetician and a VIOLET GREY committee member, I’m always on the hunt for those special tools that can bring about noticeable change, and I’m happy to report, I just discovered the next big thing: The NuBody skin-toning device.

The NuBody uses microcurrent technology to stimulate collagen production and cell turnover everywhere below the neck, like your arms, legs, tush, and muffin top area. The amazing thing about microcurrent is that it works on muscle tone, but it also tightens the skin as well. So if your skin is sort of slack, it will help firm that up. I don’t think it’s so great for cellulite, though. Like, somebody who has severe cellulite is probably not going to see a wild difference. After a month of using it six days a week, however, I noticed that the area under my bum—that bit where my legs connect to my butt—got smoother. I had some dimpling before, which isn’t 100 percent gone, but it did get better.

The company suggests using the device five days a week for the first 60 days, then you can taper down. But I say use it every day indefinitely; it’s not going to hurt you. The NuBody is like any body-toning machine—the more you do it, the better results you’re going to have. Plus, the treatment is really relaxing, actually, so you could totally do yours while you’re watching TV or listening to a podcast. (The demo video shows a woman standing up and operating her NuBody, but I think if you lay down, it’s so much easier!)

I know what you’re thinking: Who has the time for that?! But a NuBody session is not a huge commitment, because it’s only five minutes per target zone. So in the grand scheme of things, that’s not a ton of effort—it’s just a small act every day. Consistency is key, though, so when I’m really busy, I’ll hone in on my main target area and call it a day. I think post-workout is the ideal time to use it—you’ve eliminated some toxins through sweat, and your body is activated and warm. To get the best outcome, take a shower first so you’re applying the priming conductive gel it comes with on clean skin. Then, do the device.

I also love that the NuBody is FDA-cleared because that means it is demonstrated to be safe and effective. The proof is in the pudding: it has been used on different age groups and skin types and has delivered proven results. In my opinion, the NuBody is also great in conjunction with other treatments. For example, you could really take things up a notch if you DIY’d lymphatic drainage massage, which helps flush out all the loose fluid, depuff, and release toxins, on the area prior to using the microcurrent device. Then the NuBody comes in and tightens the skin, activates cell turnover, and firms everything right up. Done together, talk about wow, wow, wow results!