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The Face Wash That Makes Skin Glow

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The Violet Files

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Bicoastal esthetician Joanna Vargas counts on this gentle exfoliating cleanser to keep herself—and her A-list clients—radiant.

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reflekt face wash

I tested the Reflekt Daily Exfoliating Face Wash for a couple of weeks as part of my work on the Violet Committee, and I have to say: It’s extremely gentle and effective, which is a great combination. You can use it every day if you have a normal or oily complexion. If your skin is dry and sensitive, I would limit it to a few times a week. I’m an exfoliate in the morning-type of person, because I think skin looks so fresh once it’s exfoliated properly. Plus, it helps the products you apply afterwards absorb more deeply and just gives you a nice, healthy glow.

What I like most is that the exfoliant in the product is ultra-smooth jojoba beads, which are an excellent ingredient across the board for all skin types because it helps regulate sebum production. If you’re on the drier side, jojoba will make you feel more hydrated. And if your complexion is oily, jojoba is a great way to signal it to stop producing so much oil. The beads disintegrate as you work the product into your skin, so you’re not at risk of scratching the surface or over-exfoliating.

In addition, you need physical exfoliation at some point during the week or else the dead cells just build up and sit there on your face. It’s nice to scrub the surface and get rid of environmental pollution, sunscreen, and everything else you don’t want there. The thing to keep in mind when you’re using any type of exfoliant is to let the product do the work for you. A lot of times, clients will think that the more pressure they apply, the better the results will be. And really, at the end of the day, the beads are there to do the work. All you have to do is gently massage them into your skin. I like going in circles from the center of the face out to the hairline. That way, you’re depuffing and detoxifying as you go along.

This cleanser is made for all skin types, and that’s very important to me. I really love products that target overall skin wellness, as opposed to focusing on a specific skin category like oily, dry, or dehydrated, which I think is a bit old-fashioned. It’s more modern to use ingredients that address skin health as a whole and Reflekt Daily Exfoliating Face Wash does just that. It deep cleans pores and gets rid of that dry layer that makes skin look blah—pretty much a perfect skin care pick-me-up!

Name: Joanna Vargas | @joannavargasnyc
Job Description: Celebrity esthetician
Where to Find Her: New York and Los Angeles
Beauty Essential: Reflekt Daily Exfoliating Face Wash