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The Emotional Masking Phenomenon

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The Violet Files

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We found the K-Beauty mask that delivers a poreless complexion—you just have to get through the psychological struggle of looking like a zombie while you have it on.

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My husband has left the living room, and my dog, Kanushi, is now barking at me because I’m basically unrecognizable. I’ve scared my dog child and, frankly, I’ve scared myself—my face is currently reminiscent of a medjool date. But despite temporarily looking like a sun-worshipping Miami retiree, it’s all worth it. Little does my family know that, thanks to Korean technology and the Hanacure All-In-One Facial, I’m about to emerge poreless.

Before I go on, some context. Simply put, I’ve tried an astronomical amount of masks. Think: sheet, cream, sleep, clay—the list goes on. But it’s a rare occurrence that a masking session—typically performed while lying on the couch, watching Bravo—gets emotional. Not so with Hanacure.

The operation is as follows: Apply the mask with the chic lucite paintbrush included in the box. Ten minutes in, expect a subtle tightening effect. After 15 minutes, the mask starts to get a little bit uncomfortable, both physically and mentally. Within 25 minutes your face will feel constricted—so constricted you’ll find it difficult to talk. Picture a White Walker from Game of Thrones; you can expect a similar look while waiting for your mask to set. And not gonna lie, it can be a bit unnerving. The first time I Hanacure-ed, I had a moment of irrational panic—what if my skin were permanently contorted and I’d have to live the rest of my life looking 50 years older than I am? Even now, I constantly have to remind myself that the disfiguration is short-lived. But despite your alarming visage, and any resultant anxiety, you will thank me at the end of your Hanacure journey.

Hanacure’s founders drew inspiration from the lotus flower, which represents rebirth and purity in the Asian culture. Hanacure’s signature CO2 OctoLift complex reacts with carbon dioxide in the air, creating a strong bond and producing an intense tightening effect (emphasis on intense). Then, its botanical blend and active peptides work together to combat all the most common skin issues, including acne, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, loss of elasticity, dull or uneven skin tone, puffiness, and enlarged pores. Skin is left feeling silky, smooth, and soft, and is immediately, visibly firmer. There’s a reason it’s been dubbed a “facelift in a box” by VIOLET GREY staffers.

Before I tried Hanacure All-In-Facial Mask, makeup artist Jamie Greenberg told me that she was red and patchy for a few minutes after washing off the mask. But she didn’t care—her skin settled down and then looked good. I had a similar reaction, but within 15 minutes the redness dissipated and my complexion was firm and lifted. Even better, the results last. I woke up the next morning to find that my hormonal breakouts had improved (and they had been standing their ground for the previous month). To sum: Don’t let the blotchy irritation deter you.

Like anything related to beauty and wellness, consistency is key. The more you mask (an ideal Hanacure regimen is two to three applications per week), the better the results. And remember, the emotional trauma is only temporary—and wholly the worth the pursuit of better skin.