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Tan-Luxe Illuminating Self-Tan Drops

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Add these tanning drops to your current skin care and watch as they work with the body’s melanin to create a custom, natural-looking glow.

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Historically, self-tanning is not the chicest of beauty categories. Just reading the word “self-tanner” likely conjures images of uneven, orange, streaky skin and stained palms. So, when we heard from several of our most sophisticated, in-the-know friends that they were using a brand called Tan-Luxe to achieve their summer glow, we became intrigued.

We believe that typically, self-tanner trauma can be attributed to common “one size fits all” approaches which develop at one intensity level, a mechanism that prevents the user from creating different depths or concentration of color. The result is skin that has an unfortunate, fake-looking, orangey tint. 

This is precisely the phenomenon Marc Elrick, founder and CEO of Tan-Luxe, observed in his salon–clients would come in with beautiful hair and makeup but less-than-attractive faux tans. It occurred to him–if you can customize everything else about your beauty routine, why not your tan

After five years of research, development, focus groups, and countless formulations, Tan-Luxe debuted an answer to tan-related woes: buildable, customizable, skin care-forward self-tanning products with good-for-you ingredients that let you get your best tan, your way, and at your own speed. With proprietary Triple Tan Technology (a molecule Elrick created himself) which reacts with the melanin in each individual’s skin to develop a natural-looking tan, Tan-Luxe had successfully made a tanning product VIOLET STAFFERS were actually desperate to try.


When the samples arrived at VIOLET HQ, STAFFERS selected their appropriate shade based on natural skin tones and took the compelling drops home to try. Mixing our desired level of color for the face and body, respectively (two drops for a radiant look, and up to 12 for island-vacation bronze) to our favorite serums, moisturizers, oils, and body creams, we patiently waited for the color to develop.

Six hours later, STAFFERS were sporting custom, fresh-from-the-beach tans we had personally designed and were easy to achieve. Feeling victorious in our natural glows (that didn’t rub off onto clothes or sheets!), we eagerly sent these off to our Committee of Industry Experts to weigh in.

“The fact that you can add just a couple of drops into your skin care (face and/or body) is genius! With technology that reacts to your specific skin tone, creating a customized glow, it is easy to fall for these products. They truly are so luxe!”
– JIMENA GARCIA, Eyebrow Artist

“I love these bespoke tanning drops for their versatility. My fair skin looked alive with one drop and like I had come back from a Caribbean vacation with four. The ease of use was also great, mixing it with my moisturizer and leaving nary a streak.”

“The Body Illuminating Drops are easily applied (no streaking!) and the color looks so natural…as if I just spent time on a Hawaiian vacation.”
– JANICE DAOUD, Makeup Artist


With fears of creamsicle-esque skin behind them, STAFFERS and testers are thrilled to have found a product that can be relied on to get a skirt-season-ready glow. Loving the control and customization of the application, and the resulting tan that looks natural on any and all skin tones, Tan-Luxe’s The Face and The Body Illuminating Self-Tan Drops are officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and have earned a place on THE SHELVES. 

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