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Salt & Stone Natural Mineral Suncreen

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Zinc-powered, all-physical, reef-safe SPF 30 and 50 sunscreen lotions that protect you and the environment.

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Sunscreen Salt & Stone Lotion


Professional snowboarder, Nima Jalali, has always felt a strong connection to the natural world. The athlete has spent much of his life outdoors, which, while extremely fulfilling and enjoyable, also made him keenly aware of the effects environmental factors can have on the body. With his active, sun-drenched lifestyle as inspiration, Jalali set out to create a luxury brand that protected both skin and the planet. 

When VIOLET STAFFERS first heard about Salt & Stone’s 100% natural, reef-safe, non-nano Zinc sunscreen formulas created with hydroelectric and solar energy, and housed in streamlined packaging made from ocean plastics and recycled materials, we were immediately drawn to the attractive packaging and dedication to sustainability. 


Then, the real magic happened. We applied the surprisingly-creamy SPF 30 and 50 and watched in awe as they disappeared into the skin, leaving nothing but a hydrated glow (hello, nourishing plant oils, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid). STAFFERS were infatuated and predicted that the Committee of Industry Experts would enthusiastically concur. To absolutely no one’s surprise, testers were thrilled with the texture and efficacy of these long-wearing, skin-conditioning, free radical-fighting sunscreens. 

“LOVE this sunscreen. Goes on smooth and translucent unlike most natural mineral sunscreens. The scent is light and clean and the cream truly protects me from burning, (and therefore future sun spots) for longer than the 80 minutes it promises.”
—VANESSA FITZGERALD, Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

“Finding a fragrance-free, reef-safe, sustainably-packaged (sugar cane container!), SPF 50 is like stumbling onto a unicorn during your morning Griffith Park hike.”
—ROBIN BLACK, Makeup Artist & Photographer

“Soooo gooood! Tested this out on a day at the beach and it lasted for hours. My skin was protected and it felt great knowing that this sunscreen will not destroy ocean reefs.”


With testers having found new go-to protection for everywhere, from beach to slopes to casual lunch date lunch date (they wear beautifully under makeup), Salt & Stone’s Natural Mineral Sunscreen Lotions are officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and have earned a place on THE SHELVES.

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