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Ross J Barr Patch Pack

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The Violet Files

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An only-at-VG collection of topical treatments for sleep, calm, and healing from a sought-after London acupuncturist.

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Ross J. Barr—noted acupuncturist and fertility guru to London’s glitterati (royals, aristos, top magazine editors, et al)—came into our sights one afternoon when the VIOLET LAB’s Sarah Brown was wandering around the posh spa at Claridge’s before a facial. “You must know Ross,” whispered an English companion, gesturing to a discreet display of topical pain-relief patches. Sarah took a packet featuring the three wellness remedies—the heat-inducing Healing, the herbaceous, surprisingly potent Calm and Sleep—with her back to New York.


Created by Barr in 2020 as a way to reach clients he could no longer see due to COVID lockdowns, the biodegradable patches work in two ways: on an olfactory level (like aromatherapy), where the scent induces a feeling, and transdermally, by interacting with local acupuncture points. Everyone who tried these mighty little adhesive treatments was astonished by how well they… worked. From VG’s Curation and Marketing teams to lucky friends with whom we shared a few of our precious samples, to the all-important Committee of Industry Experts, we experienced them holistically ease menstrual cramps (replacing the need for Ibuprofen!), help relieve back pain on long plane trips, treat headaches, midday brain fog, and even a certain mother-in-law’s persistent sleep issues. We became obsessed–with the patches, and with Ross, himself. 


“These patches were an exciting surprise for me. Having tried various patch-based products with little success, I was blown away by their effectiveness, especially the Calm patches for relieving headaches. I’ve already recommended them to friends to keep stocked in their home pharmacies, as they’re great to have on hand for muscle pain, headaches, and stress relief. Their long-lasting potency and high quality ingredients are noticeable.”

– ANNA ZAHN, Founder of Ricari Studios 


   “I work with my hands for hours while standing and massaging faces. The Healing patches are an absolute favorite and staple. The cooling of menthol and anti-inflammatory camphor saves my forearms and lower back every night after a long day of work. I can’t live without these patches!” 

– CRYSTAL GREENE, Aesthetician 


“These patches are amazing! The aromatherapy aspect is incredible. I really do feel better just taking them out of the packaging. Especially the Calm and Sleep patches. They are such a lovely experience.”

– GRACE AHN, Makeup Artist 




With our nightstands and medicine cabinets well-stocked with these effective home remedies, Ross J Barr’s Patch Pack is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and exclusively available on THE SHELVES.