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A new line of super-concentrated extraits de parfums with a deep, almost dangerous complexity inspired by Los Angeles and created exclusively for VIOLET GREY.

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A founder with decades of luxury fashion and beauty under his belt. Four French noses (all female, bien sûr). The cleanest, most sustainable distillation techniques available. An uncompromising commitment to craft. This is Perfumehead, the brainchild of Daniel Giles, who set out to create an “osmocosm”, or “smell universe” inspired by Los Angeles with deep, potent, sensual, super-concentrated extraits de parfums. 

Since its conception, there was only one place Giles imagined seeing his labor of love land: his favorite store in the world, the place he describes as “sexy, intimate, and magical”–VIOLET GREY on Melrose Place. After astronomical success in The Store and the creation of more world-wide FOMO than we thought possible (the receipts are in our Instagram DMs) we are thrilled to expand beyond the brick-and-mortar and bring Perfumehead to our virtual SHELVES so that more of our devoted SHOPPERS may experience these works of olfactory art.


If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of these hand-poured, small-batch fragrances, it becomes immediately and urgently clear that this line is truly extraordinary–each scent has a depth and complexity we’ve rarely experienced. With fragrances ranging from light and floral Moon Flower, to the spicy smokiness of Cosmic Cowboy, the brand offers something for everyone without going pedestrian or cliché–we’d even go so far as to say there is something pleasantly dangerous about these scents. Our Committee of Industry Experts (not to mention the throngs who snagged bottles at The Store) enthusiastically agreed. 

“I can say honestly that I loved every single scent in the bunch. The logo is cool, and the name of each scent is playful, making it fun to decide which one to wear that day. None of them felt too specific to a season–great signature scents to be worn all year round.”
—ANGELA HAZELTON, Hair Colorist 

“There is so much thought behind the brand and you can really feel that in the scents, which offer a different and unique experience from other perfume brands. Perfumehead creates an emotional environment for you to experience when wearing.”
—LAURA STIASSNI, Makeup Artist

“The hardest part is choosing just one fragrance, they all smell divine.”
—CAMILLE FIELDS, Aesthetician


Thrilled to be the exclusive home of this bonafide sensation, our curators are pleased to announce that Perfumhead is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and can now be yours no matter where you are.



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