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Ourself’s Ha+ Replenishing Serum

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Restores youthful volume, no needle required.

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Thanks to the wonders of modern science, we’ve got creams and serums galore to help smooth lines and wrinkles and diminish dark spots. However, the slackening and sagging of the skin that occurs as collagen and elastin production slow–and the face slowly transforms from triangle to trapezoid causing jowls to form–has proven difficult to correct without turning to filler.

While we at VIOLET GREY are by no means against medical intervention, we prefer to have the option of avoiding the needle and strive to offer our SHOPPERS the same choice. In our effort to source something that would provide a truly effective alternative to filler, we turned to Ourself–a brand that had shown with their Lip Filler that they could provide visible fullness without a procedure–and took their HA+ Replenishing Serum with Subtopical Firming Technology™ for a proverbial spin.


Upon first application, it was clear to our curators that this was not your average hyaluronic acid serum. The texture was milky and not at all sticky, and penetrated quickly into the skin delivering both hydration and moisture without leaving a residue. Over time, testers saw the patent-pending delivery system and firming technology go to work, resulting in improvement in the depth of lines and wrinkles, and, most impressively, the genuine return of youthful bounce to the skin. Exceptionally pleased with our discovery, we hastened to send it to the Committee of Industry Experts for approval.

“Love, love, love this serum! It plumps me way up and I get compliments on how ‘rested and youthful’ I look.”

“This is a next-level serum. I love the texture and that this multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid product has amazing clinicals behind it. My skin is soft, supple, and dewy–I will be repurchasing!”
—SOFIE PAVITT, Aesthetician 

“Multiple sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules mean differing layers of penetration; you can feel and see the skin become hydrated and plumper without leaving behind any layer of occlusive moisturizer.”
—DR. DAN BELKIN, Dermatologist 


Having found a topical product that can help prevent volume loss and serve as an alternative (or complement) to filler, while giving skin a hydrated glow, we are pleased to announce the Ourself’s HA+ Replenishing Serum with Subtopical Firming Technology™ is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and can now be found on THE SHELVES.