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Nailberry Breathable Nail Polish

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The oxygenated nail polish that looks like gel while keeping nails healthy and strong.

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Orange and pale pink nail polishes


Executive Director of VIOLET LAB and former Beauty Director of Vogue, Sarah Brown, has spent the better part of her professional life on the lookout for the next big thing in beauty. With unlimited (and sometimes overwhelming) access to everything The Industry has to offer, she has developed the keenest of eyes and the highest of standards. So, when the woman herself proclaimed that we absolutely needed to add the 12-free, vegan, oxygen- and moisture-permeable Breathable Nail Polish from U.K. sensation Nailberry to THE SHELVES, we pretty much already knew it would be a Committee-approved hit. Not only is it a [waaaaay] healthier approach to nail color, boasting sustainable production methods, and eco-friendly packaging, it also delivers a simply stunning manicure.


It would be a lie to say that VIOLET STAFFERS were easily persuaded to give up their gel, dip powder, and acrylic manicures–we do want to look our best, after all–but as we sat soaking off our manicures in acetone, we started to realize exactly what Nailberry’s founder, Sonia Hully, realized in her nail bar in London years ago: as beautiful as these methods are, they result in nails that are thin (and thinner every wear), brittle, and dehydrated. While we have always relied on these applications to keep our nails looking healthy and strong, the impermeable layer strips nails of natural oils and won’t allow for the absorption of moisture and oxygen, making them weaker in the long-run.  (To say nothing of that sadistic nail-grinding tool they use to assist with color removal.)

Fresh off of this epiphany, STAFFERS chose their Nailberry shade (there may have been a slight tussle over Rouge) and gave themselves a nail makeover. Finding that the surprisingly-pigmented polish went on almost effortlessly thanks to the perfectly-sized and ergonomically-shaped brush, we started to feel an affinity for this brand. After weeks of sporting stronger, revitalized nails with salon-quality color payoff, shine, and surprisingly long wear time, we were converts, and more than ready to see if the The Committee of Industry Experts would follow suit and lean into this new approach to nail color.

“It’s rare to find a certified Halal, twelve-free, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, breathable, moisture-permeable, long-wear, and high-shine nail polish. So, discovering Nailberry’s award-winning, but more importantly, gorgeous polish feels like a big win! It might even lure me away from my longtime affair with gel.”
—ROBIN BLACK, Makeup Artist and Photographer

“This oxygenated polish has an incredible viscosity that makes nails look glassy and smooth. The colors were universally flattering, especially the classic red–a total showstopper!”

“I enjoyed everything about this nail polish. The bottle is tall and the brush is long, allowing it to hold the ideal amount of product. The colors are classic yet trendy. A+ for this oxygenated formula.”


This better-for-you (and better for the planet!) nail color easily won over STAFFERS and an impressive 100% of Committee Members. Having made total converts out of some, and having convinced the rest to take breaks from gel manicures to give nails a stylish reprieve, Nailberry’s Breathable Nail Polish is unanimously VIOLET CODE APPROVED and has earned a place on THE SHELVES.

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