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Highly effective and easy to use, this medical-grade at-home laser may just be the beauty breakthrough of the decade.

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It’s been a minute since we checked in on Facebook, but rumors of jaw-dropping photos enticed us back. The images in question: LYMA founder Lucy Goff’s gorgeously youthful knees.  

Allow us to explain.

A few years ago, Goff was presented with a new at-home laser breakthrough that uses doctor’s-office technology to turn back signs of aging. Goff, bothered by the slackening skin on her knees, did what any sane woman would do: she tested the laser on herself. The results she achieved—loose, sagging skin replaced with the smoothness and firmness of a teenager—are simply incredible. In fact, LYMA’s Facebook group page is full of transformational before-and-afters: crow’s feet erased, necks firmed, sunspots squelched, acne scars vanished, elevens softened.

In a VIOLET GREY first, we’ve decided to share a few of those before and afters with you.

Suspecting that Goff had a true game-changer on her hands, we put the LYMA Laser before our Committee of Industry Experts to be shared with you.

Lyma laser


LYMA Laser’s clinical-grade technology makes it a truly unique proposition. But what exactly does “clinical-grade” mean? Unlike other at-home devices, which typically max out at 20 milliwatts, the LYMA Laser supplies 500 milliwatts of energy to penetrate all layers of the skin, fat, and muscle without weakening. If you suspect pain, fear not: LYMA is completely cold and utterly painless; you won’t experience any redness or sensitivity after treatment. The pièce de résistance: the wavelength produced by the LYMA Laser is effective on all skin types and tones and targets more skin conditions than any other device.

“I use this laser daily, and my skin thanks me for it! My skin looks glowier, smoother, brighter, and tighter post usage.”
—DENDY ENGELMAN, Dermatologist

“In-office laser and IPL treatments (which I still love) can run up quite a tab—and include downtime. I can use this device head to toe without the need to hide out. Plus, it’s compact for travel.”
—ANNA ZAHN, Founder Ricari Studios

“The first actual hospital-grade at-home laser. I noticed a real difference in my skin—and it’s SO easy to use. I glide it over my skin while I watch my favorite shows, or hold it over areas where I need a little extra extra.”
—ROMY SOLEIMANI, Makeup Artist


100% of testers reported visibly tightened, smoothed, and evened skin across their face, neck, and chest—one even remarked that the laser successfully erased a scar on his leg that he’d been covering up for years. Highly effective and easy to use, the LYMA Laser is officially and unanimously VIOLET CODE APPROVED and has earned a place on THE SHELVES.

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