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Liis Rose Struck Eau De Parfum

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This refreshing (and gorgeously-bottled) fragrance smells like walking into a dew-soaked rose garden.

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The new fragrance brand Liis was born out of the co-founders’, Leslie Hendin and Alissa Sullivan, genuine obsession with fragrance. As children, both women (who grew up only minutes from each other in northern California, but didn’t meet until adulthood) collected tiny little bottles and stored them in shoe boxes. Already long-time, sought-after Industry professionals when they met at a wedding and bonded over their shared love of scent, the two quickly became friends, and later, partners in creating the brand named for the shared letters in their first names–Liis. The pair’s expertise in product formulation and development, combined with their artistic skills, came together with the nose of master perfumer, Jerome Epinette, to create the wearable, clean, and sustainable fragrances that appeared on the radar of VIOLET STAFFERS in our ongoing hunt for best-in-class fragrances." its just adding a couple of commas after development and skills.

The more we looked into Liis, the more interested we became. The brand has a signature devotion to minimalism–each fragrance has very few notes to allow each layer to shine through to its fullest potential. With highly-regarded founders, top-quality, sustainably-sourced ingredients, and recyclable packaging, we knew we had to smell these for ourselves.


When the package of samples arrived, the bottles made an immediate impression. Sleek and architectural with a cap inspired by ceramics (Hendin is a third-generation potter), the feel of it in our hands (you can pick it up by the cap and the bottle won’t fall and shatter–genius) was seductive and somehow soothing.

Then, STAFFERS spritzed the scents and became, well…Rose Struck. The perfume hit skin like a cool morning breeze, refreshing and soft with a hint of sweetness. Featuring top notes of cassis and tangerine, a heart of matcha tea, and a base of damask rose and rose centifolia, this fragrance evokes walking into a dew-soaked rose garden, starting off juicy and bright and drying down to an earthy floral that wrapped around us like a second skin. It was undeniable––this was a product destined for approval from our Committee.

“This scent is bright, fresh, and refreshingly green. It wears down to a very clean and soft rose. So lovely.”

“This fragrance reminds me of springtime, when the weather is still cool but the flowers have started to bloom. The tangerine and cassis add a little unexpected sweetness that I love.”

“I love this fresh floral scent. It’s light with bright rose, a touch of citrus, and a subtle hint of matcha. It totally embodies the ‘coastal grandmother’ trend, and the bottle is so pretty.”
—ROBIN BLACK, Makeup Artist & Photographer


With STAFFERS and testers turning to this unique take on rose for a little purity and sweetness, loving the clean, everyday scent, and finding themselves unable to take their eyes off the bottle, Liis’s Rose Struck is now VIOLET CODE APPROVED and has earned a place on THE SHELVES.

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