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Isdin Eryfotona Sunscreen

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Sheer, mineral SPF 50 sunscreens that use Nobel Prize-winning enzymes to repair past sun damage.

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ISDIN mineral SPF 50 sunscreens


There are skin care brands that make SPF, and then there is Isdin. This Barcelona-based company (founded steps from the beach) doesn’t just formulate great sunscreen, they are experts in photoaging and have built a decades-old, world-renowned brand with sun care at their very foundation––so much so it is their raison-d’être

With a mission to “create healthy, beautiful skin worldwide,” Isdin’s fundamental philosophy is that if you aren’t protecting against sun exposure (and the lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and potentially cancerous cells that emerge as a result), it doesn’t matter what other products you use on your skin, the damage is done. That said, they aren’t discouraging people from enjoying the benefits of time spent outdoors (absorption of vitamin D and the mood-elevating effect of the warm sun on one’s skin), so they reconcile this by formulating sunscreens (one tinted, one invisible) chock-full of Nobel Prize-winning enzymes that are activated by light itself to repair past sun damage. These patented DNA Repairsomes® are clinically-proven to penetrate deeply into the skin, where they seek out and correct cells that have been altered by UV rays. 

When VIOLET STAFFERS heard from the incomparable Sarah Brown, Director of VIOLET LAB and so-called Curator-In-Chief, that Isdin’s Eryfotona Actinica SPF 50+ (transparent) and Eryfotona Ageless SPF 50 (tinted with a universally-flattering, sheer, warm hue) were light-as-air, absorbed instantly, complemented any complexion, nourished the skin with a healthy, all-physical formula, and used a technology that harnessed the sun itself to repair photodamage, it was obvious we had to take them for a test drive.


From sun-drenched Los Angeles to overcast NYC (yes, UV damage still occurs even when it’s cloudy!), STAFFERS slowly but surely fell for these silky, refined sunscreens. Skin tones from fair to deep were protected without that pesky white cast, and over time, we noticed hyperpigmentation and fine lines begin to fade. With the VIOLET cohort on board, it was time for our Committee of Industry Experts to put these sunscreens to the test. 

“Eryfotona Actinica SPF 50+ is one of my most favorite sunscreens on the planet. Not only is it mineral-based and has a high SPF of 50+, but it also contains an enzyme that corrects existing sun damage. For those who have deeper skin tones, the Eryfotona Ageless SPF 50 tinted version provides an imperceptible finish.”
—DR. DENDY ENGELMAN, Cosmetic Dermatologist & MOHS Surgeon

“I love that these formulas not only protect but repair at the same time, plus are lightweight and go on like a dream.”
—JANICE DAOUD, Makeup Artist

“I actually recommend this brand in my practice. It is lightweight and non-greasy, making it highly appealing. I love that it has ingredients that are clinically-proven to help repair sun damage in the skin.”
—DR. ROSEMARIE INGLETON, Board-Certified Dermatologist


You know a product is a winner when the makeup artists and dermatologists are both on board, and with Isdin’s sunscreens, each group has something to love. Our makeup artists lauded the sheer, transparent finish, while the dermatologists commended the UVA/UVB protection and patented reparative technology. With a broad cross section of the Committee impressed by these skin defenders, Eryfotona Actinica SPF 50+ and Eryfotona Ageless SPF 50 are officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and have earned a place on THE SHELVES.

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