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Homecourt Kitchen Trio

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A clean, beauty-driven approach to home care which elevates chores to a sensorial ritual.

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Kitchen Trio by Homecourt


At VIOLET GREY, we bring to our shoppers not only the most efficacious products, but those with pristine ingredients, beautiful packaging (chic enough to be displayed), and luxurious, refined textures and scents. One category we never anticipated would meet these exacting standards–home cleaning.

Truthfully, STAFFERS weren’t particularly looking in this space. After all, we are curators of beauty and self care products–gorgeous things that spark joy and make people feel their best. And doing the dishes hasn’t exactly fallen under that umbrella. 

Then, Homecourt appeared on the scene. Created by Courteney Cox (who wanted to bring her love of architecture and interior design to caring for a space), in collaboration with two beauty industry veterans, Nick Axelrod-Welk (Nécessaire, Into The Gloss) and Sarah Jahnke (L’Oreal), this new brand treats home cleaning like self care–elevating it to a pleasurable ritual one could look forward to. But, the question was raised, “Can kitchen products really live up to the VIOLET CODE?” Intrigued, we requested samples.


As soon as VIOLET STAFFERS saw the minimal, deep-juniper green (recycled!) packaging, and got a whiff of the scents (created by some of the world’s top perfumers) we knew this brand was different. When we learned the products were non-toxic, child- and pet-safe, vegan, and (in the case of the dish soap and handwash) actually nourishing for the skin, we scooped them right up and brought them home to use in our own kitchens. 

What we found made us dive under our sinks and joyfully dispose of the traditional cleaners we’d previously thought were our only option. Homecourt’s Surface Cleaner easily removed smudges and dirt from countertops and finished wooden furniture, the Dish Soap left plates and glasses sparkling without drying or irritating our hands, and the Hand Wash gently cleansed, leaving skin super soft. Every item projected an elegant and sophisticated fragrance that set a mood without overpowering, and there was an option for everyone no matter if they were partial to florals or musks. But the most surprising discovery was that we didn’t feel the need to stash these away under the sink, instead leaving the trio proudly on the counter as a chic room accent. Obviously, we needed to get this to the Committee of Industry Experts for testing straight away.

“This is hands down the most luxurious hand soap ever. From the sleekest packaging to the equally-sophisticated formulation of argan oil and Australian hibiscus flower, this is the hand soap of all hand soaps.”

“This surface cleaner is nice enough to stay on the counter all day long and it works wonders. It also smells so good! Say hello to a clean house that smells fresh without smelling like chemicals! Obsessed.”
—KYLEE HEATH, Hairstylist

“Aside from loving the sleek bottle design, the soap itself was incredibly effective for such a clean formulation. I love that it isn’t a traditional, sterile scent (I HATE when dishes smell like soap) but also that it wasn't overly fragranced. It lathers really well and I found it to be a GREAT makeup brush cleanser!”


With STAFFERS and testers treating these cleaning products as they would their moisturizers and serums–elegantly arranging them on a counter, looking forward to the quiet moment when they would get to use them, relishing in the textures and fragrances–and enjoying immaculate homes, Homecourt’s Kitchen Trio is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and has earned a place on THE SHELVES.

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