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Holy Curls' Curl Mask

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A super-moisturizing, fortifying hair mask expertly-made to enhance and protect all curl types.

Written by
Lena Raff


It is VIOLET GREY’s mission to bring our shoppers best-in-class products, the absolute crème de la crème in any given category. It was with this guiding principle in mind that we set out to expand our Curly Hair Edit, searching for brands created specifically for waves, curls, coils, and textured hair of all kinds. As we combed the landscape, one London-based brand caught the eye of the VIOLET LAB: Holy Curls.

Developed to holistically nourish, strengthen, and define curl types 2A-4C (loose waves to tight coils), Holy Curls offers clean, vegan, sulfate-free products that encourage a loving relationship between the user and their hair, a relationship that brand founder, Badria Ahmed, didn’t always have. Born to Somali and Yemeni parents and raised in Sweden, Ahmed felt different from her peers, and, lacking access to products that would properly care for it, developed a complicated relationship to her hair. After chemically straightening for years, she decided it was time to learn more about her hair type, and journeyed to Africa, where she was taught about naturally moisturizing and protecting ingredients by members of local communities. 

Shortly after settling in London, and bolstered by her new-found knowledge, Ahmed created Holy Curls, a brand that seeks to help others become one with their hair and wear it proudly. Infusing her products with the ingredients discovered in her travels (like ultra-moisturizing baobab oil) Ahmed developed a complete and comprehensive line to care for curls. 

While VIOLET STAFFERS heard good (make that great) buzz about every single product in the line, it became clear that the standout, the product people couldn’t stop raving about, was the super-rich, fortifying Curl Mask.


This mask (which features proprietary bond-building technology called FiberHance™) proved to be extremely versatile and nourished different hair textures without adding weight or build-up. Those who washed their hair several times per week used it as a deep conditioning treatment bi-monthly, while those who washed approximately once per week used it regularly as their conditioner, often maximizing the formula and driving it deeper into the hair by pairing it with a hooded dryer or steamer. 

Regardless of the application, STAFFERS with waves to coils reported that their hair became softer, healthier, and stronger, with better curl definition after just one use. The more we used it, the more we loved it, and we were confident that the Committee of Industry Experts would too, so it was promptly sent off for testing.

“I love the consistency and performance of this mask. My hair felt conditioned, super soft, and pliable. It was like wrapping my curls in a warm blanket.”
—EBONY BOMANI, Cosmetologist 

“This mask did amazing things for my curl pattern. I love the thick consistency and the smell.”
—ELLIE MICHEL, Makeup Artist

“Finally, a mask that works.”
—GABBI JEANNE, Hairstylist


Testers with all curl patterns found that this mask lived up to its promise to care for their hair, and were thrilled to have discovered a product that would restore hydration and resilience without added heaviness. With feedback like that, Holy Curls’ Curl Mask is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and has earned a place on THE SHELVES.

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