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Epi.Logic The Total Package Moisturizer

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The Total Package Fortifying Peptide Cream

The name says it all.

Written by
Lena Raff


Over an intimate dinner in Brooklyn, oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton revealed to VIOLET’s curators her latest achievement—a do-it-all moisturizer with an incredibly rich, melting texture. Jeanniton explained that The Total Package Fortifying Peptide Cream (which, we would soon learn, was aptly named) hydrated and locked in moisture for hours, that it strengthened the skin barrier, promoted collagen and elasticity, provided antioxidant protection, and reduced hyperpigmentation. Quite a lot to ask of one cute little metal tube. We popped it in our bags and looked forward to using it that evening before bed.


In no time at all, it became clear that this luxe treatment really is the total package. Just an amount the size of a dime spread and absorbed with ease, replenishing and plumping our parched, fragile NYC winter skin. That morning, we awoke without the tell-tale signs of transepidermal water loss—our complexions still soft.

In an unusual move for VIOLET curators (who have access to every product under the sun) we shelved other creams and salves and devoted ourselves to this multitasking wunderkind. Within mere weeks, our skin felt more comfortable, had youthful, healthy bounce, and maintained a glow usually only achievable in the humidity of summer. We could barely contain our excitement as we packed up samples for the Committee to try.

“The texture of this restorative balm/cream hybrid is amazing. It instantly plumps and improved the texture of my skin after a few days of use. The key ingredients (bakuchiol, peptides, and niacinamide) make this moisturizer a winner for me. I will be buying again!” 
—SOFIE PAVITT, Aesthetician

“The moisturizer of my dreams! This ultra moisturizing, maximum impact formula does everything—strengthens skin, prevents and addresses discoloration—and provides the dreamiest dewy finish!”
—SAM FINE, Makeup Artist

“The perfect seal that keeps my skin feeling hydrated and protected.”
—CRYSTAL GREENE, Aesthetician


With a whopping 100% (!!) of testers giving this moisturizer an enthusiastic green light, epi.logic’s The Total Package Fortifying Peptide Cream is unanimously and officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED, earning a place on THE SHELVES, and our vanities.