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Eighth Day Reparative Moisturizer

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An exclusive new moisturizer fueled by Eighth Day’s cutting-edge Peptide-Rich Plasma® that not only hydrates, but heals.

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When Executive Director of VIOLET LAB, Sarah Brown, announces over Zoom that something is best-in-class, a hush falls over the [virtual] room. Previously of VOGUE fame, Sarah knows her way around The Industry like most of us know our way around our house, with unmatched knowledge of where to go for whatever we need. So, when she introduced us to Eighth Day as “the next big beauty brand,” we did what any sane person would do––believed her.

Eighth Day’s debut product, the Regenerative Serum, more than impressed our Committee of Industry Experts and you, our discerning customer, after discovering the skin-changing magic of Dr. Nakhla’s proprietary Peptide-Rich Plasma®. Since launching with this single product, it has sold out four times, and second and third bottles are being purchased with unusual frequency. The only downside? We only carried one Eighth Day product…until now.

When Dr. Nakhla told us he was ready to test his newest formulation, VIOLET STAFFERS moved fast on getting samples of The Reparative Moisturizer in hand, stat.


STAFFERS lucky enough to initially test the cream immediately fell in love with the unique velvety texture that penetrated quickly, leaving behind an instant radiance, and after just a few weeks of use, they reported skin that was smoother, firmer, and visibly glowing. It was clear it was time to send the stylish octagonal bottles out to our Committee of Industry Experts

“A beautiful texture and an extremely impressive ingredient list, this peptide- and amino acid-packed cream is just what my 45-year old skin needs day and night and all year round.”
—KATEY DENNO, Makeup Artist

“This has become my go-to moisturizer for myself, and for my kit. It makes skin look delicious, plus makeup goes on like a dream and stays gorgeous all day.”

“Environmental stressors that cause premature aging have such an impact on our skin. Thankfully, this nutrient-rich moisturizer is wonderful at not only preventing premature aging, but at preventing damage from UVA/UVB and blue light damage as well!”
—GINA MARI, Aesthetician


With STAFFERS and Committee Members loving the texture, wearability, and results of this next-generation moisturizer, Eighth Day’s Reparative Moisturizer is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and has earned a prominent place on THE SHELVES. And if the previous Eighth Day launch taught us anything, it is that this is likely to sell out (more than once).

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