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The revolutionary time-saver we’ve been waiting for: A hybrid hair dryer/straightener from the geniuses at Dyson.

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It isn’t every day that Dyson comes out with a new hair tool. So, when our VIOLET LAB team was summoned to a Midtown Manhattan conference room, and sworn to secrecy, to learn about an innovation that promised to revolutionize the daily struggle that is achieving luxuriously smooth, straight, dry hair in no time flat, we knew this could potentially be major. It did not disappoint.


We watched as the two-in-one tool quickly took hair from curly and wet to straight, shiny and dry without extreme heat, combining drying and flat ironing steps for a shorter, easier, and what we might even call effortless, process. The intuitive, lightweight device (pulled slowly from roots to ends as one would a flat iron, though it doesn’t grip the hair) uses a special motor to create a strong air flow on both sides and tension bars to eliminate the need for a brush. The result? Smooth, straight hair with movement and body in mere minutes, sans damage. The Airstrait was promptly sent to a group of top hairstylists from our Committee of Industry Experts for what we suspected would be their enthusiastic stamp of approval.

“I am blown away by the technology of Dyson. It only took me 10 minutes to dry and straighten my hair which is unheard of considering the amount of hair that I have. I like that there aren’t actual plates in the flat iron, so it is less damaging to your hair.”
—JENNA PERRY, Hair Colorist

“It’s not a blow-dryer, and not a straightening iron—it’s a beautiful combination of both that dries hair so quickly, and so smoothly, no matter how thick, coarse, or curly. It’s an incredible invention: For professionals, it saves so much time, and for everyone at home, you can wash your hair as much as you want and know you can dry it quickly yourself.”
—ASHLEY JAVIER, Hairstylist

“OMG! I’m obsessed. I really love it. This is going to be a kit staple. The technology makes the styling process quicker and more efficient, and aesthetically, it’s beautiful.” 
—NAI’VASHA GRACE, Hairstylist


Approval from the esteemed editorial stylists on the Committee was not only enthusiastic, it was unanimous. With that, Dyson’s Airstrait™ Straightener is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and is now available on THE SHELVES.