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Canopy Aroma Diffuser

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An ultra-compact, waterless aromatic diffuser that fills your space with the therapeutic benefits of scent.

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Lena Raff
aroma diffuser


Our love affair with Canopy began with their mist-free humidifier that adds moisture to the air without the “ick” (bacteria and mold). So, when the brand let us know that they were bringing their special-kind-of-genius to a nightstand-friendly aromatherapy diffuser (with white noise functionality), we cleared a very small space on our desks and vanities, added a few droplets of oil to the puck (both included), and chose our fan speed.


Immediately, the healing fragrances uplifted STAFFERS’ living rooms and bedrooms by way of clean air rather than water, and we were especially impressed by how easy it was to change the oil blends without creating a mess. Getting used to constant aromatherapy, some STAFFERS even reported packing it for use in their hotels and guest room––the ultimate gold star. Confident Committee Members would love this small-but-mighty diffuser, we sent it out for testing, with our compliments.

“I absolutely love that the Canopy Aroma Diffuser uses waterless, anti-mold technology! It's easy to use and diffuses the perfect (adjustable) amount of scent into your environment.” —ROBIN BLACK, Makeup Artist and Photographer

“This is the most low-maintenance (no adding water, no cleaning, no spraying) but best-performing room diffuser I have ever used. So, so good.” —ELIZABETH GRACE HAND, Aesthetician

I am SO thrilled to finally find a waterless diffuser! So easy to use with no mess and no mildew.” —CARSON MEYER, Founder of C & The Moon


With STAFFERS and our Committee Members reporting that their experiences with this perfect little device were therapeutic and fuss-free (three fan speeds, two delivery methods, no water), Canopy’s Aroma Diffuser is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and has earned a place on THE SHELVES. 

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