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C & The Moon’s Malibu Made Body Scrub

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The all-natural treatment a (very) famous Kim declared “The best body scrub ever.”

Written By
Lena Raff
C & The Moon


C & The Moon Malibu Made Body scrub is a true VIOLET GREY OG. And when we say OG, we mean it; the brand’s founder, Carson Meyer, was one of our first interns. The daughter of an environmental activist, recipient of a degree in alternative medicine from NYU, and practicing doula was all too aware of the toxins that can be found in some cosmetic products, as well as the harmful effects the mass production of such items can have on the environment. She was determined to do better—for people and for the planet.

The natural scrub in a reusable glass jar that was born in her kitchen became the debut formula of her line founded on the belief that how we care for ourselves has a direct impact on how we care for the natural world—the belief that we are only as healthy as our environment. It’s organic, it’s sustainable, it’s made in Malibu, and lest we forget, Kim Kardashian once declared it “The best body scrub ever.”


We’re inclined to agree, Kim. This sugar scrub expertly buffs away dead skin and, yet, is so incredibly gentle and hydrating that, after rinsing, skin looks and feels like you just applied layers of body cream and oil. Truly, you don’t need anything to moisturize after exfoliating, it’s that nourishing. The bottom line: this scrub is the key to your softest, smoothest, glowiest skin, ever. Here’s what our expert testers have to say:

“I adore this scrub and the ethos behind the brand. The exfoliating properties are never harsh, the active ingredients are incredibly smoothing and nourishing, and the best part? No negative impacts on your skin or the environment.”
—ASHLEY CORNETT, Makeup Artist 

“I love that they use organic ingredients and made it in Malibu. The scrub has large granular sugar crystals which make it easy to go over large surface areas without wasting product. It also smells like delicious cookie dough! I always wake up really impressed with how soft and smooth my skin still feels. Would definitely recommend this product!”
—AMANDA KASSAR, Pilates Instructor 

“I have been using this scrub a lot in my pregnancy for its gentle exfoliation and also the residual hydration. I love that it leaves my growing belly and skin feeling so soft. Added plus is its sweet brown sugar smell.”


The love for this shower staple is widespread and powerful, making C & The Moon’s Malibu Made Body Scrub a fixture on THE SHELVES, and, of course, VIOLET CODE APPROVED.