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Augustinus Bader The Light Cream

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The brand’s beloved regenerative technology, now in a featherweight, oil-regulating moisturizer that will keep skin fresh all summer long.

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Augustine Bader Light Cream


By this time, we have learned to always be on high alert for news of a launch from the coveted, skin-saving brand, Augustinus Bader–fingers poised over phones and keyboards, ready to arrange for samples at the drop of a hat. 

So, when it emerged that a new Bader formula was coming, we readied ourselves excitedly. Then, we heard it was a moisturizer called The Light Cream. We paused. We already have The Cream, the lighter of the two original powerhouse products that changed The Industry (and countless faces). How, we wondered, was this different? How could we possibly love a moisturizer more than the ones Augustinus Bader had already blessed us with? 

The answer, it turned out, was simple–oil control. The new featherweight cream boasts the same firming, soothing, brightening, and hydrating properties as the original offerings, but this one is expertly-designed to target the root cause of sebum overproduction to keep skin moisturized, but not overly-dewy. For those living in hot, humid climates (likely the majority of us, come the height of summer) or for those with normal-to-oily skin, The Light Cream promises deep, lasting hydration and nourishment without any heaviness while reducing the appearance of pores and gently mattifying. 

STAFFERS were on board, and we hadn’t even seen the clinical results yet. In 12-weeks: skin sebum was reduced by 38%, pores looked 54% less noticeable, wrinkles were visibly reduced by 45%, elasticity improved by 51%, firmness improved by 55%, hyperpigmentation was visibly reduced by 55%, and skin hydration improved by 213%. That was it, we had to try The Light Cream now.


In hot, sunny Los Angeles and humid NYC, STAFFERS put The Light Cream to the test on hikes, poolside, and on rooftops and patios from coast to coast. Even as the temperatures rose, we found our skin fresh and hydrated sans stickiness. It was definitely time to get this into the hands of our Committee of Industry Experts for their invaluable feedback. 

“The Light Cream definitely helped mattify my T-zone. I would highly recommend this moisturizer for people with combination-to-oily skin. I also have sensitive skin and break out easily with moisturizers, but I did not have an issue with this cream since it is clarifying and doesn’t clog pores.”

“This cream is perfect under makeup, especially if you have any dry patches. It helps smooth and hydrate, making your foundation and concealer look flawless.”

“I love that the texture is incredibly light, but that it makes my skin feel so hydrated.”
—CAMILLE FIELDS, Aesthetician


Testers loved that they could have all of the anti-aging, redness-reducing, radiance-enhancing results they rely on from Bader, plus shine-control and a weightless feel that was perfect for warmer months. With that, Augustinus Bader’s The Light Cream is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and has earned a place on THE SHELVES.

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