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Augustinus Bader The Serum

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The product we’ve (not-so-patiently) been waiting for from our favorite German stem cell scientist.

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Bader The Serum


It is an unfortunate truth that, in life, one rarely gets exactly what one wants. This moment in time is one exception, for Augustinus Bader has generously bestowed upon his loyal followers precisely what we have been asking for (ahem, demanding)–a serum powered by the same patented TFC8® technology that made The Cream and The Rich Cream the best-selling products at VIOLET GREY.


This serum is better than we could have dreamed, with clinically-tested results so impressive we nearly did a spit-take when they landed in our inbox: wrinkles were reduced by 85%, hyperpigmentation diminished 80%, hydration was improved 292%, radiance was bolstered 296%. Knowing we had a new hero product on our hands, we immediately sent it to our Committee of Industry Experts for their candid feedback.

“I love the silky texture and quick absorption rate of this serum. The combination of the active ingredients left my skin feeling extremely hydrated and, dare I say, more firm.”  
– GINA MARI, Esthetician

“I love this serum–it feels rich and light at the same time, making my skin feel supple and deeply hydrated.” 
– NINA PARK, Makeup Artist

“This serum delivers fast-absorbing hydration and imbues the skin with a beautiful radiance.” 
– DR. DENDY ENGELMAN, Cosmetic Dermatologist and MOHs Surgeon


As we predicted, this product earned our testers’ unanimous and passionate endorsement. With that, Augustinus Bader’s The Serum is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and has earned its front and center place on THE SHELVES.

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