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Augustinus Bader The Face Cream Mask

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Augustinus Bader’s The Face Cream Mask

Plump, smooth, firm, brighten, and hydrate in 20 minutes or less.

Written by
Lena Raff


For years, a mask from Augustinus Bader has been little more than a myth, a rumor that circulated amongst beauty editors and brand devotees. Our curators hoped, wished, sent probing emails and winked expectantly on Zoom calls, but alas, our desire went unfulfilled—until now. The Augustinus Bader The Face Cream Mask has arrived, and it’s better than we could have even imagined.

Created to instantly revive and firm dull, dry skin, this plush cream treatment is packed with intensely hydrating, stress-fighting, collagen- and elastin-promoting ingredients—not to mention the brand’s famous reparative TFC8. An potent, fast-acting version of Bader’s special coveted brand of rejuvenation? There was no way we weren’t going to test this, and ASAP.


When these proverbial pots of gold arrived, the VIOLET LAB immediately set about smoothing the cushiony formula onto clean skin with the fan-shaped Zamac (a hypoallergenic metal) applicator. Cool and calming, we watched as the layer of mask quickly absorbed. After 20 minutes, we rinsed and discovered in the mirror a complexion that was plump, dewy, bouncy, and lifted. It was time for Committee input.

“The lightest texture and the quickest fix to my dry, dull winter skin, especially when applied to slightly damp skin and left on overnight. Only Bader can take a hydrating mask and transform it into a magic potion.”

“I love this mask! It is rich and hydrating without feeling too thick. My skin felt bouncy and plush and looked brighter after each use.”
— PATTI DUBROFF, Makeup Artist

“Thick and hydrating, I like using it as an overnight mask”
— DR. DAN BELKIN, Dermatologist


With testers and Committee members turning to this mask for an instant pick-me-up or as a nourishing, transformative overnight treatment, Augustinus Bader’s The Face Cream Mask is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and has earned a place on THE SHELVES.

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