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Angela Caglia’s Cell Forté Serum Powered by BIOMSC™️

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Angela Caglia’s Cell Forté Serum

First-to-market technology. Real growth factors. Out-of-this-world results.

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When one works at VIOLET GREY, one occasionally enters a spa expecting a routine (and by that we mean world-class) treatment, and leaves having also discovered a first-to-market product that could possibly become the stuff of skin care legend. This is what we live for. And this is exactly what happened when our VIOLET LAB’s Sarah Brown popped in to see celebrity aesthetician Angela Caglia one morning when she was in New York at her secret hideaway, Casa Cipriani—spa, private club, and noted hangout of Leo DiCaprio and Taylor Swift.


After a protocol of exfoliation, LED light therapy, and microcurrent stimulation—the signature steps that keep Caglia loyalists like Alexandra Daddario, Camila Morrone, and Helena Christensen coming back for more—Angela applied a mysterious new serum as the finishing, glow-giving touch. It was a sample straight from the lab, where she had been working with the nation’s leading stem cell scientists to harness the healing, rejuvenating power of ethically sourced mesenchymal cells. She claimed it was unlike anything else on the market. Created in the lab from a magic broth of human mesenchymal stem cell conditioned media, this new potion was replete with growth factors, exosomes, peptides, and proteins. Her roster of Hollywood clients, who had received preview bottles (and facials), had already been in touch requesting more, more, more! Angela couldn’t believe the changes she witnessed on her own skin, either, which she described as visibly smoother, firmer, and more even in tone, after just four weeks consistent use had even made an old sunspot disappear, she marveled. I didn’t know it could do that,” she said. Sitting bolt upright, Sarah examined Angela’s flawless complexion and proclaimed, “I want the exclusive.”

“There is truly nothing like this serum, exosomes? Yes please! After using this twice a day for a month, some of my closest friends asked me if I had filler or a laser treatment because my skin looks so plump and bright. I think it’s even tightening my pores. Seriously, it’s so good.”

“This made my skin soft, firm and glow-tastic—love it!”
—NAM VO, Makeup Artist

“This treatment is lightweight and easy to apply. I definitely noticed a difference in my skin after just a few uses.”
—JENNA PERRY, Hair Colorist


With our inner circle duly impressed, Angela Caglia’s Cell Forté Serum is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED, and exclusively available on THE SHELVES.