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Ami Cole's Skin Enhancing Tint

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Created to celebrate and enhance the nuances and beauty of melanin-rich skin.

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Growing up in her Senegalese mother’s hair salon in Harlem, New York, Ami Colé (pronounced Ah-me Co-lay) founder Diarrha N’Diaye-Mbaye soaked in the friendship, love, and support that proliferated in that special communal space. Out of this upbringing grew a passion for beauty rituals and the way they not only bolster one’s appearance and confidence, but the special ability they have to uplift and bring people together. 

N'Diaye-Mbaye followed this calling to the likes of Glossier and L'Oréal, carving out her career and deeply entrenching herself in the Beauty Industry, where she became intimately familiar with the cosmetics and skin care landscape. With this firsthand knowledge came a realization–the vast majority of complexion products offered to those with melanin-rich skin were full-coverage, often expensive, and rarely had formulas one could consider “clean”. With this recognition, the idea for Ami Colé (named for N’Diaye’s mother) was born.


The Skin Enhancing Tint was created with a dedication to a nuanced and researched understanding of the undertones unique to the different hues of melanin-rich skin. Featuring a shade range that starts with and centers the deepest of skin tones, the colors are flexible, flattering, and serve to enhance and celebrate the beautiful faces to which they are applied. VIOLET STAFFERS fell instantly for the six shades that offer a sheer, natural, skin-like finish and knew our Committee of Industry Experts would be thrilled to experience this gorgeous, clean formula that nourishes while evening out skin tone.

“I love this shade range for deeper skin tones. The dewiness this tint gives off lends a ‘second skin’ effect that’s a must-have for anyone looking for an effortless application.”
JANICE DAOUD, Makeup Artist

“This product absorbed beautifully and complimented my skin color. Absolute perfection.”
—DR. ROSEMARIE INGLETON MD, Board-Certified Dermatologist

The Skin Enhancing Tint provides the right amount of coverage with creamy consistency. The shade range is great for people of color and would be the perfect, natural-looking formula to use for men’s grooming!”
SAM FINE, Makeup Artist


After testing, it was clear this flawless-face maker was a runaway hit, with Committee Members announcing that this tint was going to be a permanent and prominent fixture in their respective makeup kits, vanities, purses, and luggage. With testers in unanimous (!!!) and extremely enthusiastic approval, Ami Colé’s Skin-Enhancing Tint is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED and has earned a place on THE SHELVES.

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