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The Best Microcurrent Facial In Town

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The Violet Files

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After struggling with cystic acne, VIOLET GREY’s senior art director discovers a supercharged facial to keep her complexion in check.

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Carrie Barber

When I describe Camille Fields to people I usually say something along the lines of “it’s like being touched by an angel.” And I mean it. She stands about six feet tall, boasts the most glowy, lit-from-within skin I’ve ever seen in real life, and has the hands of, well, an angel. I found Camille by googling ‘Best Biologique facial LA’ after I moved from San Francisco in 2017 because I needed to find a consistent Biologique Recherche P50 supply. I’ve been seeing her monthly ever since.

I have had a lot of facials. All through my twenties (I’m 31 now), I had cystic acne that covered my neck and jawline, and it did not go away. Not with diet. Not with spironolactone. I tried more product, less product, acne product, hormonal birth control, no birth control. Nothing worked until I started seeing Camille regularly and began using the right product. Her facials kept the breakouts at bay until they were essentially non-existent.

Camille has a second floor studio off Ventura Blvd in Studio City. It’s beautifully decorated, not stark or clinical, flooded with great natural light and a drool-worthy supply of Biologique Recherche. Camille’s facials are nearly two hours long and every time I see her they vary a bit depending on the season and what my skin needs. We start as most facials start: I de-robe from the waist up, crawl onto her warm, pillowy treatment bed and she begins to examine my skin. She takes me through a roadmap of my varying skin issues: “The black heads in your t-zone are from environmental pollution. You have dehydrated, yet oily skin because you’re not using the right products for summer.” Camille is also big on gut health and the microbiome so she usually asks about supplements and diet, too. We often talk probiotics, soil health, detoxing from the environment, the works. Every now and then she will even text me podcasts (like this goop one I highly recommend) to listen to or a supplement to try.

And I love that about her. After the exam, Camille cleanses my skin and performs a 20-minute facial massage that includes my neck, shoulders and armpits (yes, armpits, it’s alarming at first but it feels great) then takes me through a big deep breath while she places her hand on my heart as I exhale. See…Angel. From there she tones and goes in for extractions then takes a bespoke approach to my skin. During our last session together she did a deep exfoliating treatment and buffed away the flaky top layer of skin that was making the smallest amount of foundation pill like an old sweater. I walked out of there looking like a dewy, glassy teenager.

The thing that makes Camille stand out from other facialists is her microcurrent machine, the Biologique Recherche Remodeling Face (The Cut calls it The Machine that Gives You ‘Rich Girl Skin’.) “This machine was designed over 35 years ago, but the technology is unparalleled,” says Camille, who points out that there are also noteworthy microcurrent devices for home use, but they won’t quite replicate the strength of professional technology. (The upside of a home device is frequency—you can use it as often as you like.)

Her model also has another unique feature: it sends current through sponges rather than metal prongs, which allows her to use serums—instead of a conducting gel—on the skin. So not only do you reap the benefits of the current, but the actives in the serums are being pushed deeper into your skin. Microcurrent can be intense, but that’s what I like about it. This one zings on certain parts of my face like the eyebrows and forehead and I can taste a little bit of metal when the sponges are close to my mouth. I feel like it’s making a difference.

The results? Immediately brighter, firmer, and more lifted skin. After a series of monthly sessions with Camille, my skin happily stayed clear and over time post-acne pigmentation faded away, too. “Most clients think of microcurrent as a ‘healthy’ aging treatment, but because the currents are healing, amazing results can be seen in acneic skin as well.” My skin is proof.