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Sarah Brown On Getting Back Out There

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Hey world, feels like it’s time to shine again. Best to have a new lipstick, dazzling smile, and great hair.

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Are you feeling frisky?

I am. Maybe it’s because I rarely see living beings who aren’t on Zoom or at the grocery store and something has finally cracked deep in my soul. Maybe it’s because the sun is starting to come out, literally and figuratively. Or maybe it’s just because…I am ready for action. Nights out. Days out. Taxis across town. Airplanes out of town.

I am not giving up my extensive loungewear wardrobe (ever), but I am ready to strap on some stilettos and go to an actual office (hint, hint). I feel like buying a new bag. I want a cocktail with a twist at a swanky piano bar. I’m going to be better about my eyebrows (get ready, Jimena Garcia!). And wear expensive perfume even when I’m the only one around. I am going to do all the things that make me feel like me, or the me I’d like to be.

Covid may still be with us for some time, and yet it feels like a bright new chapter of our lives is beginning. Right now. I went to a concert last weekend and tears streamed down my face while my husband and I sang along to our favorite songs with 20,000 other New Yorkers in Madison Square Garden. Let’s live again. What’s waiting out there for us? Where do we want to go, and with whom? The possibilities of what the Universe might secretly be serving up—in life, in love, work, play—feels a little bit thrilling after a long and patient hibernation.

Naturally, I’ve done some beauty shopping. Because when I feel like I look my best, I am my best. I am bolder. My posture improves. I have better ideas. I smile more. I get out there. I multiply my chances for wonderful, life-altering things to happen.

It seemed like a good time to add a few key upgrades to our shelves. Like the double-ended eyeliner I promise you-need-now (I recommend grabbing two—one for your makeup bag, one for your vanity). The hairdryer-hybrid for people like me who cannot figure out hairdryers. The glamorous lip compact that adds just-enough color.  And hey, a sleek spritz that not only freshens your breath but protects teeth against staining from red wine, coffee—all the things you might encounter on a potential date with destiny.

Have a peek below, have fun, be bold, and see you in the real world!


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