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One Product Three Ways: Nars Creamy Concealer

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NARS makeup artist Uzo on how to make the most of your Radiant Creamy Concealer.

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Whether your lipstick doubles as a blush or your facial oil enjoys a secret life as the perfect highlighter, there is no better discovery than learning your most coveted beauty essential has more than one use. Here, our artist community brings its multitasking tricks to our column, One Product, Three Ways.

With more than 20 years of artistry experience under her belt at NARS, Uzo has a bag of tricks for each of her go-tos. And with a reputation for creating clean, flawless skin, the makeup artist relies on the Radiant Creamy Concealer to do more than just defuse imperfections. “This creamy concealer has a such a great texture and is so easy to blend,” she says. “A little bit goes a long way.” Below, her three favorite ways to use this multitasker.

As we well know, concealer is the ultimate tool for covering up imperfections, dark circles, and redness. Uzo’s fail-safe technique? Using your fingers or a concealer brush. Start by evening out the area under the eyes with a color two shades lighter than your complexion. For redness, blend the concealer around the nostrils, and a little bit around the edges of the nose. “Because the texture is so easy to blend it’s also great for covering up blemishes,” says Uzo. “It really helps to smooth out that area.”

One of Uzo’s favorite ways to use this concealer is to replace foundation. “Backstage at Fashion Week, this is the ultimate tool for evening out the complexion,” says Uzo. “Sometimes we just skip foundation entirely when we want a fresh no-makeup makeup canvas.” After covering up darkness under the eyes, blend it downward into your cheeks, around the nose, and onto the chin.

Bonus tip: Uzo also likes to enlist the concealer as a base for a matte eyeshadow application, using either a brush or her finger. “The Radiant Creamy Concealer also smooths and softens the eyelid to guarantee that matte eye makeup blends effortlessly and looks sleek and velvety,” the artist notes.

To add dimension and depth to the face, Uzo likes to use two shades of concealer. One is two shades lighter than your natural complexion and the other is two shades deeper, yet it should still match your undertone. The makeup artist uses the darker shade right underneath the cheekbones to sculpt and applies the other everywhere else to even out the skin tone. “If you’re going out for the evening, switch it to three shades deeper to create a little bit more drama,” she adds.