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Feel Fit, Even Hot, By The Pool

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Cassandra Grey’s guide to poolside envy in a matter of days.

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cassandra grey

Cassandra Grey’s guide to poolside envy in a matter of days.

Re: Guide to poolside envy in a matter of days
June 18, 2019

Swimming pools, movie stars, endless sunshine. It is always summer in Los Angeles. There is even a song about how it never rains here, which may sound like paradise to you, but for me it’s problematic given that I am fairly certain I look like the best version of myself when, and only when, I am wearing a trench coat. I feel that I look very fit, even hot, in a trench coat. I may have recently invested in a new camel-colored Celine men’s current-season, classic trench coat made of wool and cotton. I say invested because it cost almost as much as a used Mercedes Benz, which, when I was a kid, seemed like the absolute nicest thing in the world money could buy. (I’m pretty sure I got that idea from a Janis Joplin song.) I think long and hard about spending this kind of money. I think about how many hours I have to work to make that kind of dough and then double that to account for California income tax. I think about how many items I will need to Marie Kondo and take to The Real Real to free up both the cash and the room in my closet. What can I say? Expensive but worth it.

We built VIOLET GREY on the belief that customers want to feel good about their purchase decisions. Our product is trust and our purpose is to provide you with a defensible edit of best-in-class products, inspiration, and tricks of the trade. We are successful when carrying that VIOLET GREY bag makes you feel just a little better about life.

To that end, please allow me to guide you through how to feel fit, and yes, even hot, by the pool. If you are in the best shape of your life and make your money as an Instagram bikini or speedo model, this guide is not for you. (But please DM me to tell me how you did it: What it was like, what happened, and what is it like now?) If you fancy the glamour of lounging by the pool, but don’t particularly like the idea of being practically naked, I am your girl and this is the guide for you!

I know we are all meant to believe beauty is on the inside, but I think when one is outside by the pool, this rule no longer applies. It's just rude to be out there with ashy elbows or cracks—literally cracks, eww!—on your feet. The good news is that it is no longer “in” to look any one way—thick, thin, curvy, dark, light, tall, petite, male, female, trans, young, less young, etc. It is in to be you and own who you are. Your body type is in. Any body type can achieve confidence, and confidence is always in style.