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Party Etiquette for Polite Society

The Dos and Don’ts for being the most charming hostess—and the most appreciated guest—of the holiday season.

Written by:
Alessandra Codinha
Illustration by:
Donald Robertson
Creative Direction by:
Vicen Akina

Parties can be a source of great stress, for host and guest alike. How to look, what to wear, what to serve, what to say, what to bring. (And in Los Angeles: where to park.) Here at VIOLET GREY, while we take our merry-making seriously, you’ll never see us sweat. We’ve got the season covered, and, as thus, are delighted to present our expertly vetted, refined from years of experience, guide to Party Etiquette for Polite Society—which occasionally includes swinging from a chandelier, or two. When it comes down to it, all you need are a few simple guidelines, chief among them: have fun, be charming, and bring a great gift. And so, without further ado, here are the ultimate Dos and the Don’ts for the chicest holiday party hosts and the elegant guests destined to be invited back.


dos and donts
dos and donts