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Augustinus Baders Skin Rejuvenating Complex

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Augustinus Bader has once again revolutionized skin care–and it’s edible.

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In 2018, Dr. Augustinus Bader forever changed the world of skin care with his revolutionary hero products, The Cream and The Rich Cream. Although they seemed to have been heaven sent, these products were no miracle. The two extraordinary creams were born out of 30 years of Dr. Bader’s research into cellular repair and regenerative medicine. Throughout his much lauded career, Dr. Bader focused his study on utilizing the body’s innate ability to heal and on reactivating cells that had gone dormant due to trauma or aging. 

In addition to his groundbreaking medical achievements, the keystone moment of his labor comes in the form of TFC8®, the patented technology that is the foundation of his much-awarded line of skin care. TFC8® is a combination of amino acids and other molecules that are naturally occurring in the body, which allows each topical treatment to create a personalized system for repair and regeneration. The results? Remarkable, clinically proven improvement in skin tone, texture, radiance, and hydration, not to mention thousands upon thousands of devotees to “the cream that works.”

Now, Dr. Bader has turned his notable talents and expertise to creating better skin from the inside out, in the form of a new, science-backed supplement – The SKIN. Much like his topical products, each individual sachet of powder seeks to create the optimal environment for skin to thrive, addressing several key elements – gut health, protection against inflammation, cell nutrition, and collagen synthesis. 

Rather than delve into the nitty gritty of the science behind this product (we’ll leave that to Professor Bader) we’re cutting right to the chase about what sets The SKIN apart, and why our discerning team added it to THE SHELVES. 

Firstly, the proprietary ERC8 technology made up of botanicals, pre and probiotics, vitamins, and minerals, supports a natural cellular detoxifying process that helps to revitalize cells, and leads to younger looking skin and better gut function. Secondly, it contains a powerful blend of anti-inflammatories, amino acids, gut health nutrition, and a vitamin blend that is expertly engineered for maximum absorption. 

What does all of that get you? Allow us to present some seriously impressive statistics. According to Augustinus Bader’s 12 week clinical trials, fine lines were reduced by 60%, wrinkles reduced 52%, tone and texture were improved by 185% and 183%, hydration increased 160%, luminosity improved 204%, blemishes diminished 58%, visible sagging improved 56%, firmness by 181%, and elasticity visibly improved by a whopping 206%. And lest we forget, over 90% of users reported less bloating, better digestion, and lower stress levels. 

The takeaway is this – the simple act of mixing a fine powder supplement into a beverage (we like it best in room temperature water or a smoothie) can utterly change your skin, your gut health, and, maybe even your life. Yes, Dr. Bader and his cutting-edge skin care are just that good.