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Ron Robinson

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Ron Robinson

Cosmetic chemist, founder and CEO of BeautyStat Cosmetics, and creator of the Rolls Royce of vitamin C serums.

Written by
Patty Tortolani

In celebration of Black excellence, VIOLET GREY spotlights the creatives, brand founders, and entrepreneurs making an immeasurable impact on The Industry.

If you have a question about a beauty product or a question about a marketing claim behind a beauty product, call Ron Robinson. For years that was the MO of beauty journalists from Allure to The Wall Street Journal. Robinson, a cosmetic chemist with decades of experience developing formulas for Clinique and L’Oreal, gained a reputation for his thoughtful and thorough analysis of all things skin and hair care. His ability to unpack the science, sniff out BS, and see past the buzzwords made him one of the most trusted voices in The Industry. Fielding those queries—along with making groundbreaking discoveries in his lab—inspired the launch of Robinson’s own brand, BeautyStat. His MO: Give the people products that do what they claim—starting with the holy grail of skin care: a stabalized vitamin C serum.

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    VIOLET GREY: You've had an incredible career. Are there any milestones you are most proud of?

    RON ROBINSON: One of the milestones that I am most proud of—after all the work, the testing, the patents, and the the formulation of our Universal C Skin Refiner—is when we got the VIOLET CODE APPROVED stamp. That was an amazing transformation for me, and really gave a great validation that we were onto something that is really, really great.

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    VG: What is the product your friends always ask for advice on?

    RR: Does Vitamin C work and do I need it in my skincare routine? And the answer is a resounding, Yes! Vitamin C is essential. It’s a powerful antioxidant, it helps to stimulate collagen, and it helps to brighten the skin. Everyone needs it in their skin care routine. Of course, we solved that with our BeautyStat Universal C Skin Refiner with 20% pure, patented, stable vitamin C. This is my recommendation, my go-to, all my friends are hooked on it.

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    VG: What role has mentorship played in your career? Have you been mentored? Do you mentor now?

    RR: Mentorship has been really key in my career. One of my strengths is my ability to listen, and I’ve tapped into several mentors and advisors over the years who have guided me and helped me to attain the success that I have. And because of that, I always give back. Fortunately I was able to mentor two great entrepreneurs last year, I plan on doing the same thing this year. It’s so important to give back. Everything comes full circle, so you’ve gotta give.