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Badria Ahmed

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Badria Ahmed

Her products have garnered cult following worldwide and helped people love their natural hair. Here, the beauty entrepreneur on the experiences that inspire her.

Written By:
Patty Tortolani

In celebration of Black excellence, VIOLET GREY spotlights the creatives, brand founders, and entrepreneurs making an immeasurable impact on The Industry.

Born in Somalia to Somali and Yemeni parents, and raised in Sweden, Badria Ahmed did not grow up embracing her natural hair. Without access to the proper products (not to mention the dire lack of media representation), she spent years rebelling against her curls. Ahmed’s hair journey began the day she decided to cut off her chemically damaged hair and go back to her natural state. She educated herself about her hair type and how to care for it. She travelled to Madagascar, Kenya, and Tanzania, where she learned about naturally moisturizing and protecting ingredients. And then she returned to London and founded Holy Curls. Here, the beauty entrepreneur reflects on the experiences that shaped her.

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    Violet Grey: What do you love most about your job? 

    Badria Ahmed:  I love that I can create. I love that I have the opportunitiy to help women and girls understand and care for what their hair, which is such a big part of our idenitiy and who we are.

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    VG: You've had an incredible career. Are there any milestones that you are most proud of?  

    BA: I am proud to have created products that people use and love. That just gets me so excited every single day. Of course milestones such as partnering with amazing brands and retailers, such as VIOLET GREY, was something that I could have only dreamed of once.

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    VG: What role has mentorship played in your career?

    BA: I believe I’ve been mentored my whole life by very strong women. My mother has been a great mentor for me. I would say she is a person who has opened my eyes about beauty outside—and especially inside. Later in life I have surrounded myself with other brilliant women that are passionate about entrepreneurship and professional development. And, yes, I would like to mentor other young women that are just starting up a business. Having done this for a while now, it would be so amazing to give back and give that guidance to someone else.

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    VG: What's the product you recommend most often?

    BA: Definitely the Holy Curls 03 Cream. I love this product so so much. It is equally amazing for very fine wavy ripply textures but also the tightest coily textured hair. I love how slippery it is, and how you can use it on twist-outs, braid-outs, but also just wash-and-goes. It is my staple holy grail, forever.