Q:  How often should I wash my hair?

A: There are as many schools of thought on the topic of hair washing as there are varieties of shampoo. Whether you suds strands daily or rely on dry shampoo between blowouts, the answer has everything to do with your hair type—and of course the right products.

For long-lasting color

Color-treated hair can fade and oxidize over time. Wash every 2-3 days with a sulfate-free shampoo formulated with UV protection. Apply a nourishing oil before heat styling and use a silky dry shampoo to add oomph to roots. Use a Japanese gel brush designed to cover roots instantly in between appointments. 


For limp locks

Fine hair should be washed every day— every other day minimum—to keep strands from being weighed down. Use a pre-shampoo scalp oil to deep clean and promotes growth, a shampoo designed to regulate sebum, a weightless nourishing serum, and a volume-boosting dry shampoo on clean hair to keep your blowout bouncy.


For damaged strands

Chemically treated, dry, and brittle hair needs to be handled with the utmost care. Wash as infrequently as possible to prevent excess stress from heat styling. Use a shampoo with rebuilding protein, a leave-in treatment to smooth and shine, and comb through a mask that boosts elasticity and prevents breakage.