FEATURED: Hammam Soap (Soap on a Rope) Amber

Founded by mother-daughter duo Hana and Sarah Akkari, Senteurs d'Orient originates from a shared passion for bathing rituals and female empowerment. “Our story begins with my mother,” shares Sarah, “Inspired by the bathing rituals of the Far and Middle East, she aimed to create handcrafted soap that captures the Orient’s most treasured flowers, blossoms, and senses. Offering an unprecedented luxury and indulgence, the line is crafted using old traditional methods—including air-drying—along with modern machineries to create the finest soap base. Fragrances are meticulously mixed with a high concentration of pure essential oils, carefully prepared for therapeutic benefits to relax both mind and body. Most noteworthy though are the brand’s efforts to support the education of women in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme.
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