While visiting a market in Uganda in, Leila Janah stumbled across nilotica: a rare nut that boasts 25% more essential fatty acids compared to traditional shea butter. From this chance encounter came LXMI (pronounced luxe-me), a socially-conscious brand that features nilotica as the line's hero ingredient. The high-grade nuts are harvested seasonally from 20-year-old trees in the Nile River Valley and then pressed into a soft butter to transform moisture-deprived skin from lackluster to luminous. But the real game-changer here is the opportunity LXMI creates for local Ugandan women, almost all war widows, to work as harvesters and earn three times the local wage. "We've built our supply chain carefully via non-profit collectives," explains Janah, "We believe that fair-wage, dignified work elevates our end product, creating a higher level of luxury for discerning consumers."

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