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Audrey Hepburn after winning an Oscar for Roman Holiday, NBC via Getty Images | RED CARPET MAKEUP SECRETS | VIOLET GREY, The Industry’s Beauty Edit
Audrey Hepburn after winning an Oscar for Roman Holiday, NBC via Getty Images
The necessary indulgences filed under TOP FLIGHT are items that are consistently whispered about amongst those in the know. From the most effective eye cream to the best banquette at Bemelman’s, each mention is considered the best in its class. They are beloved, uniquely special, and have thus garnered VIOLET GREY’s seal of approval.
We called upon the artists in VIOLET GREY’s community who specialize in red carpet makeup artistry to share their tried and true secrets. Between Beau Nelson, Pati Dubroff, Melanie Inglessis and Chanel celebrity makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin, their roster of red carpet regulars include Charlize Theron, Naomi Watts, Julianne Moore, Rachel Weisz, Kristen Stewart, Jessica Chastain, and Natalie Portman. Here, their never-fail tricks to a camera-ready, makeup look.
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“I use a creamy and glowy foundation on everyone but first I will prep the skin and place a shine-controlling primer in only the T-zone area, while a richer cream will moisturize the perimeter of the face. The center of the face will stay matte, while the rest of the skin will look glowy and natural, not like a mask of foundation.”
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“Powder placement and product choice is key. I use a smaller version of a blush brush to deposit powder only where I really want it: Around the nose, the middle of the forehead, and under the eyes to lock makeup into place without taking away any of the natural glow.”
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“Highlighting is a must! If applied properly, it can really lift and brighten the face. Place it on the brow bones, cheekbones and the inner corner of eye. ”
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“I finish every look by lightly dusting just the center of the face with translucent powder and then dabbing the cheekbones and brow bones with a Beauty Blender sponge I dampen with orange blossom or rose water. Skin should look vital and radiant, never covered up or too done.”
RACHEL GOODWIN, Chanel celebrity makeup artist
SKIN should look vital and RADIANT, never covered up or too done.
—   Rachel Goodwin, Chanel celebrity makeup artist
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In Polite
In polite society, certain shades of the LIMELIGHT can do wonders for a girl’s COMPLEXION, provided she knows her way around a PRIMER.
—   Violet Grey
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Yves Saint Laurent
Yves Saint Laurent | #SoViolet | RED CARPET MAKEUP SECRETS | VIOLET GREY, The Industry’s Beauty Edit
Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images
The most beautiful MAKEUP of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.
—   Yves Saint Laurent, Fashion Designer
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