Five never-fail brush & tool essentials for your makeup bag.
Written By Katie Dickens
The Necessary Makeup Tools  |  #VioletGrey, The Industry's Beauty Edit

Makeup artists own veritable arsenals of brushes and can sometimes be seen wearing a high-tech apron designed to holster their multitude of tools. Unless you have hours to devote to meticulously painting your face, though, owning that many implements is unnecessary. How, then, does one slog through the myriad of brush options to find the most useful ones? Don’t fret. VIOLET GREY did the work and selected five basics that should reside in the chicest, best edited makeup bag— consider these your toolbox mainstays.
Makeup brushes are aplenty, but consider these 5 essential tools to assist you through any makeup moment. 

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The short, downy bristles of the kabuki brush make it the most foolproof option for achieving smooth, non-streaky blush application. As a bonus, when the occasion calls for poreless, velvety skin, you can repurpose it as a powder brush. And it's retractable, so you can stash it in your bag for runs to the powder room.  

Tip: Use a circular buffing motion to apply blush on the apples of your cheeks for a flush so glowy and realistic, it’s otherwise accomplished only by a vigorous romp through a dewy meadow. 
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This egg-shaped sponge has no equal when it comes to making foundation look less makeup-y and more like you’re just naturally blessed with a flawless complexion. Its versatility— works with cream, liquid or powder formulas —makes it indispensable. And the pointy end doubles as a concealer applicator.  

Tip: Dampen the Beautyblender, squeeze out excess water, dip it into your foundation and then gently tap it onto your face until the product disappears into the skin.
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A basic shadow brush (look for flat, semi-stiff bristles) is your best bet for sweeping color evenly across your lids. Instead of having to choose between natural and synthetic bristles, this one has a blend of the two, which means the best of both worlds: uniform pigment distribution, incredible color payoff, precision and durability.  

Tip: Dampen the brush before dipping it into powder shadow for a deeper, denser finish.
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When it comes to eyeshadow, avoiding color demarcation is the secret to success, and a fluffy blending brush is just the thing to blur the lines.  

: Finish a dreamy smoky eye by swirling the brush along the shadow edges until the color appears to fade away.
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While not technically used for the application of makeup, the lash curler is a crucial step in even the most low-maintenance regimen. Putting a bend in lashes automatically makes eyes appear wider and more awake. Unlike most of its kind, which have straight pads, this ergonomically designed beauty (created by Hiroshi Uemura, son of the famed makeup artist, Shu Uemura) uses rounded pads so lashes are curved, not crimped.

: To make the shape last, quickly blast the curler with a blowdryer to warm it up before gently clamping down onto lashes. Hold for 10 seconds, and release.
In polite society, a scalpel
is to a surgeon, as an eyelash
curler is to a LADY. 
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